Exercise Transform Area

Movement is a joy! Get inspired and get going.

Bettina, stop thinking too much! I told my self. So I closed the fridge, abandoned my useless pillow, and went out. I could not sleep properly? I did some exercise. Get Inspired And Get Going, became my motto. Do you want to try? Exercise: Get Inspired And Get Going! Consequently, you’ll be stronger and calm your mind.

This connects us to our environment, makes us stronger, and calms our thoughts. All types of exercise have tremendous benefits. Chose among running to weight training, swimming, yoga, etc.  You should choose one  (or explore your options), developing a habit of daily movement. If you do, you will reap the mental benefits of stress reduction.  Additionally happiness along with the physical benefits of improved health, strength, body composition, and mastery of movement.

Good Habits

Selecting the activities that matter most to you, will enable you to build a lifelong habit that lasts far beyond your next exercise program. I believe that the simple criteria to “be active 30 minutes a day” will allow you to find joy in exercise. Exercise alone or try to involve someone. Sports are a great way of overcoming cultural differences. Link with runners or yoga lovers. Move, enjoy, exercise, get inspired, and get going!  Socializing through sport does not require high language skills!

When you restore your ability to move your body through its natural ranges of motion, you’ll find tremendous benefits.  Enjoy a lack of pain, restored posture, improved power, and strength. Free from injury, even increased independence you will smile through your day. Stretching, self-massage, and range-of-motion exercises that undo the effects of modern life are very powerful. When you pursue mobility for 10 minutes a day, you’ll find yourself moving more naturally, experiencing less pain, and enjoying exercise more. Let’s coach together!