Habits truly stick with us! They really do.

This fact can be both relieving and frustrating, depending on whether we are happy with our habits or not. “Bad” habits, which are often a source of immense frustration, impede our lives, and leave us desperate.

On the other hand, the “good” ones are great resources for self-esteem, motivation, and happiness.

It is as difficult to break a bad habit, as it is difficult to establish a good one. But why it is so?

In fact, it is the nature of habits that make them so stubborn to change. A habit is formed with a decision, then the translation of that decision into behavior, repetition of that behavior – a repetition that is allows the development of automaticity. Different layers, and certainly a long term and persistent behavior. Through this process, habits establish and get stronger with further repetition. Behaviors become habits when they are automatic. Hence, there is an absence of awareness and conscious control over them. Therefore, they are hard to be controlled …

You see it takes good effort and perseverance to break /establish a habit. But it is not impossible. In fact, with a realistic approach, curiosity to one’s inner life, this can be accomplished in a quite smooth way.

It’s your call!

Do you want to break bad habits? or establish new good ones? You are at the right place then. In my coaching practice, my main focus is on changing habits. So habits are my passion. If you like to know more about my work style and perspective on personal transformation, then click below to request a free consultation.

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