As we are approaching the end of the summer, many face the unavoidable: flying back home. Traveling is a special state for our body -and mind-, and not always very easy to cope with. Although we can’t avoid the impact of long lines, sleeplessness, change in temperature and pressure, we can do certain things that can alleviate these influences.

My personal “must” is water, water and water! Hydration is what we mostly underestimate – and even miss- when we travel. In fact hydration is key to keep the body balanced and healthy. My second tip is movement, before getting into the long sedentary hours, I try to take a moment and move: be it walking around the block, running or stretching… Last but not least is to be mindful about food. It is not easy to find our habitual food during travel but we can still make our best and try not to eat too much of what our body does not like. On that, my personal favorites are nuts and yogurt as snack. They suppress my hunger and they are healthy…

I say keep the water as a rule, and try to find out which movement and food can be good for you when traveling. I am sure you will feel less bloated and sour when you arrive at your home. Bon voyage !

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