Successful Coaching Stories are part of our daily life.: Our first coaches were our parents, then maybe teachers, a friend, partners and if we were lucky,  colleagues.

A woman, a coach and a tennis player, once impressed me. Let me share. Billie Jane King coached U.S.A. women’s tennis, gold medal winners in both 1996 and 2000. Billie Jane was an award-winning tennis player herself, with 39 Grand Slam titles. Once I read a quote which really struck me and made me feel better: “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

Life changes every single day, and so can we. That’s the truth, but too often we feel hopelessly stuck against our will. Why? Because the changes we seek breed uncertainty, and life can be hard to navigate when we’re uncertain about things and stuck in our habits.

We often feel confused and displaced, and we anchor ourselves to those old habits that do not serve us well and that often do us more harm than good.

Imagine you’re in the midst of changing jobs, building a business, or getting in shape. What’s the story you’re telling yourself about incorporating this change into your life? Does it involve you being the confident hero of the story? Or a character that doesn’t believe he or she can do it, and is therefore reluctant to even try? If you’re thinking the latter, you’re not alone—lots of us struggle in this same way.

So just for a minute consider something…

Knowing where you are today, what would happen in six-weeks for you to feel happy with your progress?
What would a win be for you? Is it just getting unstuck? Or is it reclaiming your body, life, health, certainty, confidence – any or all of the above? How would that feel? What impact might that have on your life?

Life Challenge is different from other challenges: it is designed to create awareness, to increase consciousness, and to teach people to make daily choices that support long-term health, fitness, and well-being. Be afraid of loosing. Be a champion and take action!

Billie Jean King

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