The first step into changing your habits is to become fully aware of them. It sounds trivial, however often times we have a superficial knowledge of our habits – maybe because they are less questioned by their nature.

What does it mean to become aware of our habits? It means to gain as much insight as possible about them.  How did they get established in the first place? How long have they been there for? What are the pre and post feelings, activities associated with this habit? Any trigger? Mostly unhealthy habits are coping mechanisms to stressful conditions. Ponder upon what might be lying beneath…

Yes, working on your habits, breaking the impeding ones and constructing new ones pass through a meticulous investigation. It is not easy because this attitude itself requires motivation and commitment to endure -like a habit itself. For this reason, I recommend using a habit tracker. They ease the process of tracking and information keeping, and they give you an overview as well. Working with a coach, or having a someone keeping you accountable for tracking your habit works also well. They can motivate you to continue and help you gain further understanding of your habit.

If you like to have a general overview of your habits around health, you are lucky because the Whole Life Challenge Fall 2019 is in a month’s time. This online game focuses on 7 different areas of your health during 6 weeks. The great thing about it is that you automatically track your habits during these 6 weeks and can an incredible amount of information on how you operate (in the mind and body). Not to mention the fun of being a part of a team that goes through the same challenges along the game…

If you are interested  with the WLC, then read my previous blog post:  Whole Life Challenge- The Habit Changer team. for more information. I take part again in the fall edition of WLC as the captain of The Habit Changer team. I offer my team players a free 30′ online session for setting the goals and explaining the rules of the game. Hope to see you there, the more the merrier !

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