Six Significant Sessions


Six Significant Sessions Health & Life Coach program lasts 12 weeks with either biweekly meetings for an hour and a half (6 sessions) or 45 minute weekly meetings (12 sessions). Your needs, thoughts and comprehensive journey through transformation, breakthrough and success can be understood and coached in three different languages. I’m Italian mothertongue but fluent in English and German

Six Significant Sessions Health & Life Coach program takes place either in person or online via zoom, skype or facetime. The good old telefon is also a possibility.  Just let me know what your preference is. 

During our Sessions we will: 

  • Build Intuition and start recognizing the signals of the body
  • Set you big Motivation factors
  • Focus how to activate Energy in order to start the changes
  • Learn how to handle your Stress
  • Become a master of how to Let Go and honor your ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • Create a New Normal by focusing on the main 4 areas: nutrition, physical exercise, sleep and spiritual connections 

Establish your Personal Empowerment and Dream Bigger! Make it possible with Six Significant Sessions Health & Life Coach program!


Sometimes we simply feel lost, overwhelmed and gasping for air. It might even feel too complicate to plan the fridge refill let alone the planning of 12 weeks? Your goals on nutrition, sport, sleep programm were all set but suddenly you undergo a sudden loss of confidence and motivation? A crisis arises or deepens? Don’t face it all alone: address me.

Get a kick out of a 1 hour Health & Life Coach Session and breathe again!


I offer a 30 minutes free consultation to understand your needs and desires and to set your goals. This allows me to create a tailor-made program to align your mind, body & spirit. Together we will create the foundation to improve your life, to awaken your personal power and to create lasting habit changes. 

Six Significant Sessions Health & Life Coach Program is gentle.

Significant Challenges of Living Abroad

Challenge Abroad

Personal Support – Have you left behind the luxury of family and friends support and a convenient lifestyle?  Living on foreign soil and having to reorganise an entire life may pose many challenges. No matter how mentally strong you are, the challenges and the culture shock that you face while living abroad can make life difficult and make you feel alone and lost. In today’s fast-paced world, even social networking can’t replace one-on-one interactions with people who really matter. Unfortunately, one seeks for consolation in those vicious cycles that instead of helping, drawn one into a even worse situation. Our enemies like junkfood, lazyness and long nights spent on socials lead to sleep deprivation!

Nutrition – I litteraly LOVE to taste anything new and while moving abroad. I must admit, this was my favourite sport. The fridge and the kitchen shelfs were ready to explode. Unfortunately, it soon became compulsery. It took really long to get rid of these habits and be back on the right path. To learn how to overcome these challenges is the most exiciting travel of your life: the voyage into yourself. Renew the connection with your spirituality, needs and set your goals and achive the breakthrough to your New Normal in Six Significant Sessions.

Bettina Holm Reach Out

I went through all the same excitement and difficulties of living on a foreign soil. Somehow, at a certain point of my life, I became a stranger to my self and needed a professional buddy to accompany me in the most important journey of my life: that into myself. A hand reached out and offered the right personal support. Thanks to my coach I could overcome the biggest challenge: my set of mind!  And the interior journey started with a question: What has been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body, the energy and the mindset you want?

If you wish to find Your personal answer and achieve the completeness and luck You deserve in Your life, please: reach out!

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