The Comfort zone is the state in which we feel secure, at ease, and in control. It sounds like the perfect “place” to be. However, this approach is too one-sided for it only sees the positives while ignoring the negatives…

Yes, feeling secure, at ease and in control is great. Keeping anxiety and stress out is amazing. No one wants to be exposed to distressing conditions. Yet, taking some risk -hence accepting a controlled amount of anxiety- is actually an enabler for a richer life. When we allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zone, we discover new tastes, we meet new people, we learn new things… Our perspective broadens with new experiences and our lives become richer and more exciting.

Dwelling in the comfort zone is an attitude, which established itself due to certain experiences we might have had in the past. But today is different, we are in “here & now”; and not in the past. We have outgrown the past and gained more self-awareness as well as risk evaluation. We happen to be the gatekeepers of our comfort zone, therefore we can monitor the gate and explore new possibilities at our own pace.

Give it a try! Choose something that is clearly outside of your comfort zone and do it. At first, it will be a bit uncomfortable, whatever the outcome is you will be proud of having taken the step.

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