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Six Significant Sessions

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Bettina Holm

Living Abroad and Needing Support? 

This is how I became a Health and Life Coach specialized in Expats’ Support… Starting with my studies in Finance in Northern Italy and then working and traveling in several European capitals and overseas! Later, I got married to a great German man and we are proud parents of two. Family and friends saw me as the prototype of a successful young professional woman. A representative wife to my husband, and a well-organized mother who could reinvent her own life and ensure the functioning and well-being of her beloved ones at every new start no matter in which part of the world. 

Therefore, I was myself an expat with a great deal of support needed. So, meeting with foreigners (we are all strangers in this world!), learning new ways of leaving, embracing new cultures, and wide-spreading my horizons were really fun and enriching. However, yes there is a BUT. The other side of the coin, that is transformation. For instance, a change in my appearance, character, lifestyle, and career in order to integrate and overcome differences and culture shock and homesickness.

In other words, I gained a lot on all fronts, but somehow I lost track of my true self and lost my personal path. So, expansion into new areas of my personality, daily life, and goal setting became compelling. There, I received a slap on my face realizing I was lonelier than I thought. My kids had become more independent, my husband was pursuing his career, my Italian roots had remained in Italy and… and I met a Life Coach and asked for support. Lucky me! She helped me, accompanied me through my breakthroughand made me again aware that MY LIFE is the only project deserving my determination. I’m now a happy Life Coach specialized in Expats’ Support and I want to share this Success with you. Let’s Transform together positively!


Transformation Areas



Nourishment is about much more than just food: I can help you shape your nutritional habits to live a healthier life.



Exercise prevents illness, improves life’s quality and relationships: find your perfect fitness routine.



Sleep influences your health, mood, mental abilities, and even your body fat: I can help you improve your sleep quality.

Healthy Life

There are several approaches to well-being: I can help you find your perfect activity, shaped around your needs.


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Roberta Sneider

“Bettina is an excellent coach, she is a good listener and she has been able to motivate and inspire me. She has managed to pin down the emotional aspects of my journey and let me understand what my call could be. She has transformed a negative thought in a positive, powerful tool! She provides a highly personal approach to her work. During our visualization session, she was able to bring awareness and connection in me in a way that has led me to look deeper into myself and come out with new ideas. I would recommend Bettina as a health and life coach to anyone who is looking to improve his/her lifestyle. I cant wait to have my next session!”

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Francesca Seegy

“Bettina asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I feel a better and more confident today because of the coaching received from Bettina.”


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