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Bettina Holm Health & Life Coach

Wellbeing Is Within You!     No matter in which country you live…

Are you stuck in a rut? Dissatisfied with your energy, body, and maybe even your life in general? Are you facing new challenges in terms of cultural integration, new responsibilities, and family care? Do you urge to escape even from yourself? Trust me: wellbeing is within you, no matter in which country you live!

When our problems and challenges are minor, and our painful emotions are mild, it’s relatively easy to avoid, distract, escape from, or get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings. But the bigger our challenges, and the more intense our emotions, the less our ability to do this.

Important life transitions whether that is making a successful international move, changing career direction, or coping with relationship challenges while abroad might take your sleep away. Does it sound a bell feeling like an emotional eater with little energy?

Believe me, we all go through this path. In the last couple of years, I have journeyed through a personal transformation.  I often felt tired, with little motivation and joy to become more conscious about my lifestyle, food, and energy. As a matter of fact, I stuck in a hole and thought there was no way out. Luckily, I was very wrong. I have also set out on a new professional path that feels very right, clear, and obvious. I have attended a Health and Life Coaching program, then done my practice sessions and I have graduated.

Therefore, I’m officially a Life and Health Coach! You can think of me as your existential trainer with the skills to bring out your needs and evaluate your talents. I am specialized in overcoming the fear generated by the resistance to change. Last year, I also trained with Filippo Ongaro and I am also a certified Coach to use the Ongaro Method.

Now is your time to step forward!

The World Inside You

Wellbeing is within you no matter in which country you live

If we could wave a magic wand together and get what you want in the next future, what would that look like? How would you feel?

In our sessions, I’ll help you discover the small changes you can make to get amazing transformations. So you can feel better in your body, your mind, your health, and across all areas of your life and in any part of the world you are leaving in. This is the “magic” of the word “integrated life and health“. It includes everything and is addressed to everything YOU, YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, and YOUR SOUL. It leaves nothing behind you. 

Although I am based in Hamburg and meet with some of my clients locally, I support clients from all around the world. My coaching sessions are in person, by phone, or via the web such as Skype or Zoom.  Obviously, you can reach me also via email or chat.

While most clients benefit from an ongoing coaching relationship, I also work with clients on a short-term basis and even provide single sessions. The format is custom-designed around the client’s unique needs, timelines, and constraints.

My coaching style is all about creating a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment where I aim to both support and challenge my clients to help them move forward, get “unstuck,” overcome fears or challenges and ultimately achieve success and happiness.

One of the most fascinating things about coaching is that it’s never about me, the coach.  It’s always about you, and what you want to achieve in your life. What I do as a coach… is help and facilitate get you there!

Lifestyle Coaching is guidance in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and behavioral changes in order to achieve optimal health of body, mind, and spirit.

Wellbeing is within you, no matter in which country you live!